Creating and Managing a Digital Library

Aug 28, 2017

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Creating a digital library takes time, effort, and resources…and the resources are readily available, thanks to the popularity of the digital movement. The librarian must take the primary role in providing tools and guidance to make the process run smoothly, both in the creation and then the management of the library.

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Advice from a Librarian: Information Literacy Instruction

Aug 27, 2017

Contributed by:

Svetla Baykoucheva
Chemistry and Life Sciences Librarian at the University of Maryland College Park

Svetla holds a MS in Chemistry, a PhD in Microbiology, and a library degree. Her current research interests focus on information literacy, management of scientific information, and scientific communication.

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Webinar: Literature search on a connected path

Aug 26, 2017

Are Your Users' Literature Searches Telling the Whole Story?

“What if researchers — particularly those new to certain disciplines or to research itself — could have a Wikipedia-like experience that was streamlined and trusted?” This is the question that led two neuroscientists on a fascinating journey to improve literature search, from exploring users’ needs to applying cutting edge technologies.

Students in an introductory and a higher-level class were assessed to determine where they were doing their research, their comfort level with reading reviews and primary literature, how frequently they came across unfamiliar terms, and how they handled cases where they needed additional clarity. Then they were provided the beta version of ScienceDirect Topics, an enhancement to the database that provides links within journal articles to 80,000+ topic pages with citable and trusted definitions that are contextualized within a discipline.

Did it make a difference? Find out by attending the Library Connect webinar:

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Which Book Series are in Top Demand?

Aug 25, 2017

These are the top 10 most read Book Series* globally on ScienceDirect right now. Read more about each of the series and then click through to see the latest volumes on ScienceDirect. Interested in adding to your collections? Contact your sales representative or click here to request pricing.

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Moving from Print to Electronic in Academic Libraries

Jul 27, 2017

Moving from Print to Electronic in Academic Libraries — A Timely Consideration

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Institutional libraries have always been dedicated to making research and learning easier for faculty and students. Today’s watchwords for libraries are efficiency, discovery and access. Now, to accommodate changing scholarly habits, as well as new roles for the physical library space itself, librarians are exploring — or already undertaking — the transition from print resources to electronic.

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Advice from a Librarian: Information Literacy Skills in the Research Process

Jul 19, 2017

Contributed by:

Kari-Mette Walmann Hidle
Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway

Kari-Mette researches questions of plurality and unity and their ethical consequences in legislative processes and professional practices, and lectures in the vocational studies.

Hilde T. Drivenes Johannessen
Head of Section for Teaching and Research Services, University of Agder Library, Kristiansand, Norway

Hilde's work is concentrated on library instruction, research support and knowledge management.

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Enable Your Scientists to be More Effective

Jul 10, 2017

Share these free featured articles with your colleagues to give them a peek at the thousands of comprehensive articles in our Reference Modules on ScienceDirect—including the brand new Reference Modules in Materials Science and Materials Engineering and in Food Science.

The Reference Modules combine thousands of encyclopedic and comprehensive articles from Elsevier’s world-leading reference works along with new and exclusively-written articles to create one innovative and efficient resource. Content is continuously reviewed and updated and then date stamped. New articles are commissioned where needed to extend previous reference works or cover entirely new areas of research - essential in these rapidly evolving scientific fields. Learn more about Reference Modules on ScienceDirect at

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Help Your Users Publish Their First Book

Jun 19, 2017

Last year authors Dr Komang Ralebitso-Senior and Dr Caroline Orr from Teesside University, Middlesbrough, UK put together a First Time Authors blog series on Elsevier's SciTechConnect site to give insight into the academic book publishing process from start to end.

View the articles below and then share them with your users to give them insight into the books publishing process.

Read Elsevier's #FirstTimeAuthors blog series on publishing an academic book:

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Introducing ScienceDirect Frontlist 2018

Jun 19, 2017

Our 2018 Frontlist is available early to give you more time to consider the resources your library needs and help with budget allocations. Available in 24 subject collections and delivered on the full-text ScienceDirect site, your students and researchers can quickly find the information they need within the science, technology, and health sciences disciplines.

We analyze research trends, identifying gaps in knowledge, and then search for the best authors to address those gaps. This ensures you're getting the content your patrons need most and gives you confidence you're purchasing collections that will enhance research and learning at your institution. See the chart below for details on our 2018 subject collections.

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Elsevier eBook Forums: From Content and Analytics, to Strategy and Beyond

Jun 19, 2017

As you well know, today’s librarian is more than a “keeper of content”. Your role is continually evolving in new and exciting ways, and your critical input is now an integral part of not only content acquisition, but also data analytics and strategic planning that helps your institution increase research output.

But your growing role can sometimes mean venturing into unchartered territory. To help you navigate the unfamiliar, Elsevier now hosts eBook Forums around the world. These informative gatherings provide librarians with a chance to network with peers and listen to experts on hot topics, including Big Data and the psychological aspects of literacy.

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How to Save Time and Money for You and Your Library

May 26, 2017

Also available in Simplified Chinese (PDF)

Did you know that most librarians’ greatest challenge is planning? How much funding will your institution provide? How many books will you need to add? How many journal subscriptions? What else will your patrons request? What resources will you have to offer to your researchers, educators and students to give them a competitive advantage?

There is a way to reduce some of your headaches surrounding planning. Multi-Year Books deals can allow you to lock in pricing with firm dollar amounts. This approach enables you to avoid the increases in your budget that would occur from buying one year at a time.

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How Reference Modules are Used for Teaching and Research

May 25, 2017

The primary point of interaction with scholarly material is at the level of the journal article. However, while performing multidisciplinary research or when learning about a new subject as a student, it is crucial to have a baseline understanding of the topic. Unfortunately, the route to gaining this foundational knowledge can be frustrating and time-consuming; many resources such as free search engines and wikis are often unreliable and uncitable or out-of-date. Thankfully, Elsevier has created an innovative solution to this problem: Reference Modules.

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