Instructions for ScienceDirect ePub & Mobi downloads users can download any book chapter in Mobi (Kindle) or ePub format. ScienceDirect provides full-text for all content, but in some cases no HTML version is available and the full-text document must be downloaded as a PDF file. These PDF-only items are not available in Mobi or ePub format.

In order to download the full text of a book chapter, you must be entitled to do so, through your institution or by purchasing it individually. You may download to your device or save it locally to your computer in the eReader format. 

To download a full-text article in an eReader format:

  1. On the book chapter page, select the Export arrow. The pop-up window displays.
  2. Under Full Text, select an eReader format.
    • Select Mobipocket if you are using an Amazon Kindle™ device or the Kindle eReader™ app on a computer or mobile device, such as an iPad® or Android™ tablet.
    • Select EPUB for any other eReader devices and eReader apps, including iBooks® and Google Play™.

Note:  If you have trouble accessing the file on your eReader device or app, please see the manufacturer's documentation. Most eReader devices will allow you to import files though it may be necessary to connect your device to a computer.

For people with reading-related learning disabilities, you can download free Adobe Digital Editions software. Adobe Digital Editions can allow high contrast and voice reading accessibility options.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What do I need in order to download the full chapter in EPUB or Mobi format? 
A: Your institution must be subscribed to the book in which the chapter appears and it must be available online in html format.

Q: My institution doesn’t subscribe to the book. Can I still download the chapter?
A: in this situation, if an abstract is available for that chapter, you will be able to download the abstract

Q: Are the EPUB or Mobi files DRM protected?
A: No, just like downloadable PDF chapters on ScienceDirect, the EPUB and Mobi versions of the chapter will not use DRM

Q: Can I use the eReader formats functionality to download a complete book?
A: No, for now the eReader Formats application will only be available for the individual chapters, directly on the ScienceDirect article page

Q: What is EPUB?
A: EPUB is a free, open e-book standard designed for "reflowable" content, meaning that the text display can be optimized for the particular display device eBook Readers such as Sony® Reader, Barnes and Noble nookTM, Apple iBooks®, Lexcycle Stanza and others.

Q: What is Mobi?
A: Mobi is the file extension of Mobipocket, a proprietary eReader file format that can be used on eReader devices such as Amazon KindleTM, Irex iLiad and others