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Cover image of Advanced Mechanical Models of DNA Elasticity
Yakov M. Tseytlin

" extremely useful book that describes the important concepts of advanced mechanical models of DNA elasticity and discusses extensive technical details, providing an effective way to get a better understanding of DNA mechanical features and functions. Score: 91 - 4 Stars"
-- Doody's

Cover image of Advances in Insect Physiology, Volume 48: Genomics, Physiology and Behaviour of Social Insects
Amro Zayed and Clement Kent

"This book is highly recommended for all academics interested in the genomic and physiological underpinnings of behavior among social insects. Those new to the field, especially incoming graduate students, will find this is an excellent primer that places the most recent findings in a historical and theoretical context."-- The Quarterly Review of Biology

Cover image of Advances in Potato Chemistry and Technology, Second Edition
Jaspreet Singh and Lovedeep Kaur

"...serves as a tool for food scientists, food chemists, nutritionists, breeders, engineers and students as well. I’m sure that will be useful in understanding of the potato 'science' and help to develop new applications in this area."
-- Acta Alimentaria

Cover image of Asphalt Materials Science and Technology
James Speight

"...a welcome addition to the chemical literature…Material engineers exploring the applications of asphalt will find value in this book. Chemists working in the petrochemical industry, analysts involved in the characterization of petrochemicals, and forensic scientists working in failure and compliance assessment will also find this text useful."-- MRS Bulletin

Cover image of Bark Beetles: Biology and Ecology of Native and Invasive Species
Fernando Vega and Richard Hofstetter

"This book is a treasure trove of information on the biology of bark beetles…The 35 authors who wrote these chapters are to be congratulated on this opportunity to write their stories."
-- The Quarterly Review of Biology

Cover image of Boundary Value Problems for Systems of Differential, Difference and Fractional Equations: Positive Solutions
Johnny Henderson and Rodica Luca

"The monograph contains an extensive bibliography and is suitable, as a reference book, for many researchers specializing in positive solutions and graduate students interested in this field."-- Mathematical Reviews

Cover image of Breast Cancer Screening:  An Examination of Scientific Evidence
Nehmat Houssami and Diana Miglioretti

"By including studies and recommendations from around the world as well as potential benefits and harms, they have provided a valuable resource for patients, healthcare providers, and public health advocates."-- Doody's

Cover image of Calculations for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Third Edition
Frank H. Stephenson

"...a unique book in its focus on the use and understanding of essential mathematical and statistical calculations in molecular biology and biotechnology…will be useful to students, technicians, researchers, and experienced professionals who desperately need an easy-to-use book. This updated third edition is essential and most welcome. Score: 85 - 3 Stars"
-- Doody's

Cover image of Chelation Therapy in the Treatment of Metal Intoxication
Jan Aaseth, Guido Crisponi and Ole Anderson

"It surpasses its goal of showcasing the recent developments in the use of chelating agents for metal overexposure and metal storage diseases…This is a valuable addition to the field of metal toxicity and a handy resource for clinicians to gain an understanding of metal toxicity, diagnosis, and treatment. Score: 95 - 4 Stars"-- Doody's 

Cover image of Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry, Volume 69: Chemical Imaging Analysis
Freddy Adams and Carlo Barbante

"Standing ovations for this book!...a wellbalanced evaluation of the various methods applied in analytical imaging analysis and discuss novel trends fairly and critically if needed. The book is very well written and excellently illustrated…"
-- Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

Cover image of Data Breach Preparation and Response:  Breaches Are Certain, Impact Is Not
Kevvie Fowler

"This book provides a thorough grounding in all the aspects of preparing for, dealing with and mopping up after a data breach and is likely to present issues you hadn’t considered."
-- Network Security

Cover image of Designing for Human Reliability: Human Factors Engineering in the Oil, Gas, and Process Industries
Ronald McLeod

 "My gut feel is that this book could make a big difference in industry. Ron’s hands-on experience, passion and his desire to communicate shine through the book. Read it." - 5 Stars
-- The Chemical Engineer 

Cover image of Developments in Surface Contamination and Cleaning, Volume One, Second Edition
Rajiv Kohli and Kashmiri L. Mittal

"Although most valuable as background reading rather than day-to-day troubleshooting, this book is highly recommended. It will stimulate readers to review cleaning practices in their own organisations and provide ideas as to how these might be improved."-- Galvanotechnik

Cover image of Digital Communications  Course and Exercises with Solutions
Pierre Jarry and Jacques Beneat

"...provides the fundamentals of and basic design techniques for digital communications in a simple, easy-to-understand format…For professional communication engineers, this is a good reference book."
-- IEEE Microwave Magazine

Cover image of Distributed Computing Through Combinatorial Topology
Maurice Herlihy, Dmitry Kozlov and Sergio Rajsbaum

"...the first systematic exposition of an approach to distributed computing based on tools of combinatorial topology…a valuable addition to the existing literature, it will be appreciated by many different categories of readers including university students and researchers in computers science as well as topologists interested in practical applications."
-- Zentralblatt MATH

Cover image of Education and Training for the Oil and Gas Industry: Building A Technically Competent Workforce
Phil Andrews and Jim Playfoot

"...the authors provide bulleted lists of the problems, solutions, and impacts of the individual solutions for each case. Far from a cookbook of solutions, the various case studies serve as starting points for those intimately involved in technology education, especially as it applies to the energy business."
-- The Leading Edge

Cover image of Forced-Flow Layer Chromatography
Erno Tyihak

"...provides a comprehensive overview of the different approaches in FFLC, making it a valuable resource for everyone studying planar chromatography and its potential."-- Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

Cover image of Geoethics: Ethical Challenges and Case Studies in Earth Sciences
Max Wyss and Silvia Peppoloni

"... an excellent enterprise to encourage discussions about ethical issues in the geoscience community and beyond. Its findings could be useful not just to raise the ethical consciousness of the geoscience community by highlighting its role in coping with environmental risks and uncertain hazards within society, but it could also be a relevant starting point for further interdisciplinary and social science studies in the field."-- Hungarian Geographical Bulletin

Cover image of Geometric Measure Theory: A Beginner's Guide, Fifth Edition
Frank Morgan

"Morgan’s book offers the best access I know into this difficult subject. It won’t make the reader an expert, but it does open the door to more detailed treatments. An excellent bibliography is provided."-- MAA Reviews

Cover image of Handbook of Energy, Volume II: Chronologies, Top Ten Lists, and Word Clouds
Cutler J. Cleveland and Christopher Morris

"Anyone interested in the historical aspects of energy or the impact of energy on the environment will find this book very useful…a reference book for those needing historical facts pertaining to energy."
-- IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine

Cover image of Handbook on Natural Pigments in Food and Beverages: Industrial Applications for Improving Food Color
Reinhold Carle and Ralf Schweiggert

"...a unique summary for food scientists and also includes industrial applications...recommended for food scientists, analytical chemists, food technologists and product developers for investigating and producing novel food products."
-- Acta Alimentaria

Cover image of Industrial Network Security: Securing Critical Infrastructure Networks for Smart Grid, SCADA, and Other Industrial Control Systems, Second Edition
Eric Knapp and Joel Thomas Langill

"...worth recommendation for people who are interested in modern industry control systems security. Additionally, it will be advantageous for university researchers and graduate students in the network security field, as well as to the industry specialists in the area of ICS."-- IEEE Communications Magazine

Cover image of Innovative Food Processing Technologies: Extraction, Separation, Component Modification and Process Intensification
Kai Knoerzer, Pablo Juliano and Geoffrey Smithers

"...brings together food scientists and engineers from academia and industry around the world, to provide the reader with a unique insight into the development and utilization of innovative technologies for these purposes."
-- Acta Alimentaria

Cover image of Insects as Sustainable Food Ingredients: Production, Processing and Food Applications
Aaron T. Dossey, Juan Morales-Ramos and M. Guadalupe Rojas

"Overall this book is a valuable and timely resource for all those interested in the topic of insects as food and feed, entomologists, human and animal nutritionists, food scientists, and entrepreneurs."
-- Journal of Insects as Food and Feed


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